This is part one of a technical series of videos on the ServiceNow app for Splunk. This webinar is a short introduction to the app. Further videos will show how to install and configure the app.

An app in Splunk is a combination of code which queries your data in a predefined way and displays the output in a meaningful way to the user - these can be C-level users, analysts or IT users. Really, the app provides business value from your data.

The ServiceNow app provides a set of queries and reports on the way that ServiceNow is functioning. It provides insight into how many changes, incidents, and events are being opened in your ServiceNow instance as well as other pertinent information pulled from the ServiceNow tables. The integration is two way so when an incident threshold is reached or too many changes are open Splunk can, in turn, open an incident in ServiceNow.

The app can be downloaded and the installation is described on the Splunkbase website.

This short video describes the ServiceNow app functionality and integration with Splunk. As a premier Splunk partner and a ServiceNow partner, Effect-Tech can help your business implement and configure the app to obtain minimum time to value.

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