Managing Service Catalog

Managing Service Catalog Sprawl for a Global Outsourcer

Service CatalogA leading global outsourcer of IT and business process services needed to build and maintain hundreds of different service catalogs for their customers. The firm turned to Effect-Tech to show them how.




About the project:

The global outsourcing firm needed to build and maintain service catalogs for the IT and business-process services it provides to hundreds of their external customers. Many of these customers also want the service catalogs to be customized for their businesses. The firm required a specialist with deep experience in multi-tenant platforms to design a quicker, better, and cheaper way of creating and maintaining the many components of a BMC/Remedy Service Request Catalog.

With our solid understanding of ITSM devops, the Effect-Tech team leveraged its award-winning Effective Transport tool and proven processes and best practices in Service Request Management to deliver on time and on budget. The Effect-Tech team worked with the firm to create a process that allowed them to manage thousands of service request offerings for their customers. Our Solutions Consultants also provided guidance and training on requirements gathering. In addition, Effect-Tech trained the analysts and service catalog managers to create and replicate both simple and highly complex service request components using the Effective Transport tool. After this engagement, the customer immediately saw a significant return on their investment in Effect-Tech products and services.

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