ServiceNow automates, predicts, digitizes, optimizes, monitors, and resolves risks by business impact for security, compliance, and IT.

We know that your organization is fighting a daily battle to manage cyber attacks. Your Security Teams are overwhelmed with data from a growing collection of security tools. Your Security Team and your IT organization are probably operating in different silos. People are scrambling in a reactive fashion when the auditor comes to call.

Effect-Tech is a certified ServiceNow partner, specializing in Security Operations and Governance, Risk and Compliance. We offer onsite and remote professional services to help you reduce vulnerabilities, pro-actively resolve security incidents, sail through audits and take advantage of a common platform.

ServiceNow Security Operations

Your Security teams are on the front line of an increasingly difficult battle to prevent and react to cyber attacks. ServiceNow’s Security Operations suite brings welcome relief with a set of tools that will allow your teams to prioritize and resolve security incidents, reduce the vulnerability backlog and automate security response.

This suite integrates to your existing tools and leverages the ServiceNow platform features to achieve time and cost savings. Effect-Tech’s experienced consultants are proficient in standing up the components of the ServiceNow Security Operations suite. They can guide you through the process of opening up communication between Security and IT – jointly leveraging things such as CMDB data. They will close gaps between the out-of-box product and your processes by building custom orchestration workflows, catalog items, reports, dashboards and more.

• Security Incident Response
• Vulnerability Response
• Threat Intelligence

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Most organizations are handling their compliance challenges using a combination of spreadsheets, emails, messenger applications, and phone calls. Processes and artifacts are spread across IT, Finance, Legal and Security organizations. Responding to audits is a time consuming and frustrating exercise. ServiceNow’s GRC suite can bring order to the chaos.

Effect-Tech can assist with this transformation with their expertise in the ServiceNow Governance products. Allow us to assist you in transitioning your process to one that is proactive and not reactive. We have both the technical expertise and the softer skills that will help bring organizations together and achieve common goals of lowering operating costs and increasing productivity.

• Policy and Compliance Management
• Risk Management
• Audit Management
• Vendor Risk Management