IT Service Ops

IT Service Ops

Our service ops offerings will help devops teams of any size quickly and dramatically reduce incident resolution times.

Organizations require the availability of applications 24x7 to internal and external customers. To support the deployment of these applications, IT Service Ops must understand how IT services and components of the IT infrastructure-the network infrastructure, server and device management, help desk services, and other-are connected. Our team canĀ implement capabilities for your teamsĀ to better monitor and manage these components, so that you can maximize the value of your IT Service Ops efforts.

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor

Service Advisor empowers IT DevOps teams to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve complex issues significantly faster with fewer resources. By automatically correlating ops data against a "big data" configuration registry, Service Advisor allows users to see events and messages in real-time and easily pinpoint the cause of application outages or performance issues.

Splunk Service Intelligence


Splunk IT Service Intelligence is a next-generation log-based monitoring and analytics solution that uses machine data to simplify operations, prioritize problem resolution and align IT with the business.