IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Your IT organization is constantly being challenged to deliver more value to the business. From help-desk and end-user services, to infrastructure and application support, your team is asked to deliver services more quickly, while maintaining proper governance and security with all things connected to your network. To get ahead of the demand, you need to be proactive and implement quality, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement projects that deliver value to IT and to the business. Effect-Tech’s team of consultants can partner with you to deliver on your IT service management goals. We can help you address process/tool gaps, streamline and automate manual processes, and integrate new technologies into your environment.


Your service desk is the “face of IT” to your end users. Whether your organization uses ServiceNow, Remedy, or another vendor’s product, your agents must be able to efficiently manage call volumes, resolve common issues, and act as the single point of contact for service requests and incidents.

Additionally, as you look to mature your other IT processes & increase productivity, how can you close the significant gaps between the out-of-box solution and your organization? Effect-Tech's team of ITIL-certified consultants have a deep knowledge and understanding of ITSM and the tools. We can tailor your solution to better fit your processes and increase efficiencies that results in a meaningful impact on your KPIs and your end users.

  • Service Desk
  • Service Catalog
  • Service Request
  • Incident & Problem
  • Change & Release
  • Asset Management


Service Automation

You can increase your enterprise's agility by automating processes that involve systems and applications outside the ITSM environment. Areas that are well suited for automation include application password reset, client software distribution, configuration automation, activity packs for managed file transfer, and employee onboarding. Automation allows your IT team to move away from handling routine requests and frees them to focus on more important IT issues that can impact your business.  A codeless automation platform allows you to build a portfolio of reusable automations.  Orchestration also provides the foundation for ServiceNow Cloud Management.


Service Mapping

The process of creating useful service models requires more than just discovery tools, network access, and permissions. It requires a solid understanding of the IT organization, how critical applications are defined and managed, and how important CI attributes provide value to your event, incident, change, and other related processes. Many times, customers find that their service models are based on architecture, organizational responsibilities, and a set of attribute definitions that are not discoverable.


Effect-Tech has developed a proven methodology and configuration practices that deliver more value from your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) initiative and provide a scalable approach to define and maintain your service models with minimal effort.  Our consultants are experts in configuration management, Remedy, and ServiceNow and are well-experienced in integrating existing third-party tools into CMDB.


Operations Intelligence

Real-time dynamic, business analytics that deliver visibility and insight into data, streaming events, and business operations are now a standard component of a IT service management strategy. Our Operational Intelligence solutions deliver the streaming data feeds and event data to use in real-time analytics. Our solutions provide a variety of data points—real-time monitoring and situation detection, dashboards for different user roles, correlation of events, and others—that customers rely on to accelerate decision making and respond immediately through manual or automated actions.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Real-time situation detection
  • Real-time dashboards for different user roles
  • Correlation of events
  • Industry-specific dashboards
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
    • Root cause analysis
    • Time series and trend analysis


Security Operations

The inability to determine the severity of a threat can worsen the security problem. If all threats are treated equally, it becomes difficult for security teams to focus on the high priority attacks—attacks that can have extremely deleterious effects on the business. By leveraging insights from Splunk and ServiceNow Security Operations, Effect-Tech can help organizations strengthen their overall security plans and develop efficient security responses. By mapping security threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities to business services and IT infrastructure, any attack can be prioritized based on its potential impact to the business; security teams can now focus on threats that can cause the most damage.