IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management

Effect-Tech can help you improve management of your IT capabilities by connecting IT services and infrastructure to business needs. Organizations require the availability of applications 24x7 to internal and external customers. To support the deployment of these applications, IT Operations Management must understand how IT services and components of the IT infrastructure-the network infrastructure, server and device management, help desk services, and other-are connected. Our team can help you develop a strategy to better monitor and manage these components, so that you can maximize the value of your IT Operations Management efforts.


Orchestration for modern IT represents a comprehensive and holistic approach to defining, building, orchestrating, managing and reporting on intelligent workflows that work with third-party tools and operational processes.

Using a variety of tools that are easy to maintain, improve service delivery in weeks not months.

  • Move from reactive, manual handling of requests to a fully automated system
  • Deliver consistent task and automation workflow results
  • Automate data collection for audit compliance
  • Align with best practices
  • Free up IT resources

Tools here are ServiceNow , HP, Pentaho



If you are looking for ways to improve your discovery process and address current data issues, Effect-Tech can help. Our experience working with tools from various vendors—including: BMC, HP, IBM/Tivoli, and ServiceNow—allows us to bring a unique approach to integrating and populating data from discovery tools into the CMDB. We also bring a solid understanding of the various challenges that come with normalizing and reconciling data. In fact, it’s been our experience that the quality of the data is one of the primary reasons why discovery, together with CMDB, often fails to meet user expectations.

Our multi-vendor experience and data integration expertise are just what you need to move your discovery initiative forward.

Service Mapping

The ability to create useful service models requires more than just discovery tools, network access and permissions. The process requires a solid understanding of the IT organization, how critical apps are defined and managed, and the important CI attributes that provide value to your event, incident, change, and other related processes. Oftentimes, customers find that their resulting service models are based on architecture, organizational responsibilities, and defining a set of attributes that are not discoverable.

Effect-Tech has developed a proven methodology and set of configuration practices that delivers more value from your CMDB initiative and provides a scalable approach to define and maintain your service models with minimal effort.  Our expert consultants in configuration management, Remedy, and ServiceNow also have a host of experience integrating existing 3rd-party tools into your CMDB. Please contact us to discuss your situation.


Event Management

Effect-Tech solutions drive business continuity by minimizing the impact of service outages, monitoring the health of business services in real time, and responding appropriately to issues.

Our Event Management solution provides automated actionable alerts from events captured by third-party monitoring tools. It includes configurable dashboards to display all service-impacting events, including a list of current active alerts, impacted services, and associated incidents.



Businesses generate data, and plenty of it. Whether it’s a critical event, a key performance indicator (KPI), or process performance metrics, Effect-Tech can help your business automate and analyze your data to uncover critical elements and patterns. Our analytics solutions provide the actionable insights you need to drive greater business performance and lower costs.


Log Aggregation

Modern technology systems are producing data at an astounding rate. By monitoring and analyzing everything—from clickstreams and transactions to security events and network activity—Effect-Tech can help you gain valuable and actionable intelligence from your data. We provide a full range of powerful search and visualization capabilities so that you can quickly discover, share, and act on your data. Don’t just collect data; put it to work.