IT Integration

Effect-Tech works to effectively support a bimodal IT environment. We understand the complexity of a hybrid environment is the new norm. Our teams of technical, ITIL and IT Operations professionals have the knowledge and experience needed for IT integration.  We integrate various systems in your environment (physical hardware, private cloud, public cloud, SaaS, PaaS, and others). We can help you to manage your data and deliver on your service management strategy.

  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Event Management
  • Discovery
  • Federation
  • Reporting & Analytics

Data Integration Platform

Two common methods for integrating systems are point-to-point batch-oriented or near real-time solutions. These approaches are appropriate for large data volumes or when the source and destination systems are very different and the systems do not need to be 100% in synch at all times. However, organizations can quickly outgrow these point-to-point solutions as the number of IT integrations grow to 3 or more.

If you are finding yourself facing this data integration challenge, Effect-Tech specializes in implementing solutions that address this data complexity. When combined with our IT Service Management and IT Ops Management domain expertise, our consultants can implement a Data Integration Platform that allows you to scale your solution to:

  • Synchronize your HR and People data with your ITSM system
  • Exchange ticket data between two disparate ITSM systems
  • Share data with a facilities or enterprise asset management system
  • Implement a federated CMDB



Orchestration for modern IT represents a comprehensive and holistic approach to defining, building, orchestrating, managing and reporting on intelligent workflows that work with third-party tools and operational processes.

Using a variety of tools that are easy to maintain, improve service delivery in weeks not months.

  • Move from reactive, manual handling of requests to a fully automated system
  • Deliver consistent task and automation workflow results
  • Automate data collection for audit compliance
  • Align with best practices
  • Free up IT resources
  • Tools here include: ServiceNow, HP, Pentaho, and BMC


Workflow Efficiency

Increase your enterprise's agility by automating the processes that involve systems and applications outside of the ITSM environment.  This can include application Password Reset, Client Software Distribution and Configuration Automation, as well as activity packs for managed file transfer, employee onboarding and more.  A codeless automation platform allows you to build a portfolio of reusable automations.  This type of Orchestration also provides the foundation for ServiceNow Cloud Management.