Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Modern devops teams know that they must have effective solutions in place to continuously deploy changes to production. Combine these technology capabilities with operational and IT governance processes, IT requires a modern approach to the issue of better configuration management.

Effect-Tech has been implementing configuration management solutions for over a decade. During this time, we have seen what works and what doesn't. Let us show you how to implement effective operational configuration management capabilities for your teams.

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor

service-advisor-application-registry-for-epicService Advisor empowers IT DevOps teams to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve complex issues significantly faster with fewer resources. By automatically correlating ops data against "big data" configuration registry, Service Advisor allows users to see events and messages in real-time and easily pinpoint the cause of application outages or performance issues.

BMC Atrium CMDB creates a central reference for IT infrastructure and services

BMC Atrium CMDB provides a complete and accurate view of the people, services, and underlying technologies that make up your business and IT environments. Atrium CMDB can store your entire IT organization—including service support, mainframe, and cloud—to give you complete control over your managed configuration items.

  • Single source of reference for all your IT infrastructure and services.
  • Minimize IT risks with better understanding of change impact and relationships.
  • Seamless integration between support and operations teams.

ServiceNow CMDB

sn-cmdbThe ServiceNow CMDB provides a single system of record for IT. When combined with ServiceNow Service Mapping, the CMDB becomes service aware enabling your IT teams to more clearly understand CI relationships and business impact. With ServiceNow CMDB, you gain visibility of your infrastructure and services, providing more control of your environment and better decisions..