Servicenow SecOps

Security Operations

ServiceNow® Security Operations is an Enterprise Security Response solution that delivers security incident response, vulnerability response, configuration compliance, and threat intelligence. Security Operations provides intelligent workflows, automation, orchestration, and deep integration to other applications hosted on the Now platform.

Security Incident Response

The inability to determine the severity of a threat can worsen the security problem. If all threats are treated equally, it becomes difficult for security teams to focus on the high priority attacks—attacks that can have extremely deleterious effects on the business. By leveraging insights from ServiceNow Security Operations, Effect-Tech can help organizations strengthen their overall security plans and develop efficient security responses. By mapping security threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities to business services and IT infrastructure, any attack can be prioritized based on its potential impact to the business; security teams can now focus on threats that can cause the most damage.

Vulnerability Response

Vulnerability Response (VR) prioritizes vulnerable items and adds business context to help security determine if business critical systems are at risk. By leveraging the ServiceNow CMDB, VR can also easily identify dependencies across systems and business priority of the vulnerability. VR provides a comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities affecting a given service and is integrated out-of-the-box to many third-party vulnerability scanning products.

Threat Intelligence

ServiceNow Security Operations includes Threat Intelligence to help incident responders find Indicators of Compromise and hunt for low-lying attacks and threats. Threat Intelligence automatically searches for relevant information when an indicator or observed attack is connected to a security incident. ServiceNow supports multiple threat feeds, as well as STIX and TAXII, to incorporate threat intelligence data from a variety of sources. Threat Intelligence also allows customers to add their own custom feeds to improve reliability in identifying issues.