Process & Tools Maturity

IT Maturity

The term “cloud” means many different things to many different people. Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), Software As A Service (SAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS), automated backups, on-demand services, and on and on. Regardless of the technology or use case, the team at Effect-Tech brings the education, background, and real-world hands-on experience to guide you through the hype and buzz-words to deliver the value to your business that a IT maturity model can provide.

Workflow Efficiency

Increase your enterprise's agility by automating the processes that involve systems and applications outside of the ITSM environment.  This can include application Password Reset, Client Software Distribution and Configuration Automation, as well as activity packs for managed file transfer, employee onboarding and more.  A codeless automation platform allows you to build a portfolio of reusable automations.  This type of Orchestration also provides the foundation for ServiceNow Cloud Management.



Businesses generate data, and plenty of it. Whether it’s a critical event, a key performance indicator (KPI), or a process performance metric, Effect-Tech can help your business automate and analyze your data to uncover critical elements and patterns. Our analytics solutions provide the actionable insights you need to drive greater business performance and lower costs.


Log Aggregation

Modern technology systems are producing data at an astounding rate. By monitoring and analyzing everything, from clickstreams and transactions to security events and network activity, Effect-Tech can help you gain valuable and actionable intelligence from your data. We provide a full range of powerful search and visualization capabilities so that you can quickly discover, share, and act on your data. Don’t just collect data; put it to work.


Big Data

How can IT leverage Big Data technology to improve IT Operations? There is an emerging class of solutions called IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) that assists IT with making sense of all of the data. At Effect-Tech, we have always believed that more is not necessarily better… it’s often just more. This belief readily applies with how early adopters have built huge repositories of data and told users “have at it”. By having clear goals and objectives, strong use cases, and methods to automatically correlate the data into actionable information, ITOA solutions will provide IT with meaningful insights to shorten incident resolution times or even proactively address issues before they become business impacting events. Our Consultants can help your organization implement modern, Big Data, NoSQL and data integration technologies to address your ITOA needs.