IT Upgrade

IT Upgrade

Effect-Tech deploys the fastest IT Upgrade service. Migrate your users, processes, and systems from previous versions to the most current version NOW.


Effect-Tech’s Rapid IT Upgrade offers the fastest data migration tool for upgrading to the latest Remedy ITSM platform. Reduce your overall upgrade effort by 50%. With our reliable, fast, fixed price IT upgrade we can transfer all of your data, foundation and transactional.

Fresh Install and Migrate

Rapid Upgrade leverages a new parallel environment with a new installation of Remedy ITSM. A fresh installation is much faster to perform than an upgrade of an existing application, and ensures the application is clean and reliable, with very little risk of silent failures during the installation process. Existing customizations can be migrated to the new installation ensuring high quality standards and a known system state with no risk of unknown customizations causing data or workflow issues. Data migration is a large component of this upgrade method and is very slow using conventional BMC Remedy migration tools.  Our basic Rapid IT Upgrade package covers migration of your legacy ITSM data to a new out-of-the-box ITSM 9 environment with your configurations and customizations intact. If you need something more unique, Effect-Tech’s Solutions Team can tailor an upgrade package to suit your exact business and technical requirements.


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