Transport for Remedy

Transport reduces Remedy ITSM data management activities by an average of 50%.

Transport for RemedyTransport is the award winning data management solution from Effect-Tech that solves customers Remedy ITSM data challenges. For Enterprise customers it allows them to streamline their people data management and focus on rolling out the next release of their SRM and SLM catalogs. And for Global Outsourcers and Systems Integrators it eliminates their customer onboarding backlog and streamlines their data management process.

If you're looking to solve your data management challenges continue reading below to learn more about Transport’s key features included in this premier data management solution.

Lower Your Remedy ITSM Data Management Effort by 50%

Customers know the value Remedy ITSM application delivers to their organizations and part of this value is related to the data-driven capabilities of Remedy ITSM to support their ITIL processes. However, with a data-driven solution comes the challenge of managing all of that data. This can be a very time consuming activity for the application administration team. Hours spent loading new data, making updates and the challenge of migrating that data across your ITSM environments. Bottom line, they spend lots of time focused on data management and not on ITSM initiatives important to the business.

Designed specifically to streamline the BMC/Remedy ITSM data management process, Effective Transport for Remedy ITSM cost-effectively loads customer data into multi- tenant or stand-alone enterprise Remedy environments. Transport enhances your organization’s ability to meet critical project schedules, on-board data faster and migrate data with ease.

The Effective Transport suite is developed on BMC’s Remedy Action Request System foundation. By utilizing native AR System workflow capabilities, customers can update the out-of-the-box data management workflow to adapt and expand the Transport products for their unique situation and business requirements. Transport is designed to address your greatest data management needs related to ITSM foundation, ITSM People Permissions, SRM, Asset/CMDB and SLM data.

Side by side comparisons of BMC UDM with Transport for customers have repeatedly shown that Transport offers 3 to 5 times the capability in terms of simplicity, efficiency and speed…overall Effective Transport is a far more comprehensive solution that addresses customers complete data management and migration needs.

Streamline ITSM Foundation Management

Transport for RemedyTransport for Remedy addresses all of your BMC/Remedy ITSM foundation data management challenges. From simplified data collection csv files Transport seamlessly populates the ITSM foundation data tables enabling quick data loads and updates. It is an

application that is designed to
support the dynamic and iterative nature of the process: defining and loading data into the ITSM tables, verifying its accuracy, correcting the data (in bulk, if necessary), and reloading. Once data validation is complete, the data can be easily populated into subsequent environments, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in the data management process across all of your Remedy environments. Additionally, once in production, Effective Transport has bulk administration capabilities to maintain the foundation data and continue with incremental deployments as your ITSM implementation evolves.

Effective Transport for Remedy automates all of the common foundation data ITSM configuration tasks, including:

  • Company, Organization, and Location,
  • People, People Permissions and Support Groups
  • Operational and Product Categories
  • Assignment, Approvals, and Cost Centers
  • ITSM Templates

Transport for Remedy



Simplify ITSM People Data Management

Transport for RemedyManaging ITSM People data consumes considerable time for an application administrator. This is due to the click-intensive manual process for creating and modifying ITSM People data. Adding a large group of new people, updating application permissions and support groups are just a few of the activities that administrators have to manage on a regular basis. Transport for Remedy simplifies this process and saves considerable time with a data driven approach to managing the people data. Transport People Profiles enable an administrator without extensive understanding of the ITSM permission and role intricacies to create and modify people data with a simple CSV file. Bulk loading people data that includes changes to application permissions, support groups, functional roles and company access is greatly streamlined and simplified.

Transport also includes a pre-built LDAP integration that you can leverage to connect your people data feed to your ITSM People data. To learn more about Transport's LDAP capability check out this datasheet: Transport for People LDAP integration

Transport for Remedy


Deploy Self-Service People Data Management

We've surveyed customers and found that Remedy ITSM People updates consume the majority of their administrator's time. This is especially true for changes to application permissions, support groups and functional roles. One staff member is requesting Change Management access while another needs to be added to new groups. These changes are time consuming because they involve a manual, click-intensive exercise to complete. Multiply these changes by several hundred support staff and you have a full time job for your Remedy administrator.

Effective Transport now includes the ability to deploy a self-service People Data Management solution that automates these types of people data changes and eliminates the need for manual intervention to complete them. With the latest release of Transport for Remedy ITSM you are able to provide an SRM service offering that allows users to request changes to permissions, functional roles and support group membership and have those changes fulfilled automatically. This feature provides an immediate return on your investment with ITSM administrators reducing their people data update tasks by 90%.

Transport for Remedy

Transport for Remedy


Accelerate Your SRM Catalog Deployment

Transport for RemedyTransport accelerates your SRM development and deployment of an IT Service Request Catalog across the enterprise. Using its expanding set of pre-built service request definition templates and simplified development method, an SRM developer can reduce their development time by an average of 45%. This reduction in development time and effort over the manual method fast tracks your SRM project.

To efficiently develop an enterprise IT Service Request Catalog, Transport for SRM ships with dozens of SRD templates that serve as pre-built building blocks for defining your business and technical service catalogs. These templates can be used to replicate similar service request definitions without performing the cumbersome process of re-creating each SRD component from scratch.

Furthermore, Transport administrators can create new SRD templates that are tailored to their own business processes. Once defined, these custom SRD templates can be used to quickly expand the services that are visible to end-users.  SRM developers can use Transports Quick Builder feature to clone complete offerings they've developed with Transport to quickly create a new SRM offering.

Transport for Remedy SRM enables you to:

  • Accelerate SRM catalog onboarding by reducing the development effort by 45%
  • Quickly build complex Service Request offerings in the Transport SRM data templates
  • Ease of loading data updates for SRM offerings developed using Transport.
  • Dozens of SRD templates are provided that serve as pre-built building blocks for defining your business and technical service request catalog.
  • Ease of portability for all aspects of the SRM data (SRD to ITSM fulfillment templates) across all server environments

Transport for Remedy



Better Manage Asset / CMDB Data

Transport for RemedyEffective Transport for CMDB augments the Atrium toolset when the goal is to quickly and efficiently get a subset of your most important CIs into your CMDB. Transport is invaluable during the initial phase of a project when you may be resource constrained to install, configure and integrate Atrium to a set of discovery tools. Transport can also be used to import CI data that is not discoverable. In addition to CIs, Transport can be used to create relationship data, resulting in a service model of your key CIs, without having to get the entire Atrium solution fully functional.

Transport quickly and easily populates the BMC Atrium CMDB from simple CSV files. There is no longer any need to stand up discovery tools, integrate them, and create complex import and reconciliation jobs just to get your initial data model or the most useful subset of your CI data into the CMDB. Simply format your asset or configuration data into the Effective CMDB templates and you’re off and running.

Effective Transport for CMDB automates and streamlines the configuration item on-boarding process, with these capabilities:

  • Load the most commonly used CMDB classes from simple spreadsheets.
  • Create CI-to-CI relationships from pre-built or packaged templates.
  • Relate organization and people data to CIs quickly and easily.
  • Create service models in the CMDB in days – not weeks or months.

Transport for Remedy



Ease of Deploying Service Level Management

Transport for RemedyThe BMC Service Level Management application automates the tracking and management of IT service level agreements for incidents, changes, and service requests. Most customers discover that there are two primary challenges that every SLM implementation faces.

  • Time & effort to define/implement service agreements, milestones, and actions
  • Ability to easily deploy SLAs to other environments.

Does your IT staff configure SLA’s in development and then repeat the task in production? Everyone finds this to be an extremely time-consuming and error-prone process. Skip this step with Effective Transport for SLM, which is purpose-built to help you easily deploy SLAs to production with just a few mouse clicks.

Transport for Remedy allows administrators to quickly build and load Service Targets, Service Level Agreements and Service Contracts into the SLM application to streamline the implementation phase. Customers can leverage pre-defined configuration data that ships with Transport to easily replicate or modify the data to fit their business requirements. With Transport, customers no longer have to develop content from scratch, which significantly reduces the implementation effort.