ServiceNow Security Ops

ServiceNow Security Operations provides a single solution for responding to incidents and security vulnerabilities.

Enterprises require robust security solutions that can easily adapt to advanced security threats and evolving IT infrastructure. Simply monitoring for typical security events is not enough. Security teams need deeper insights and consolidated processes and tools to respond to security issues in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

Staying ahead of attacks requires continuous security and compliance monitoring, fast incident response and the ability to quickly detect and respond to stay one step ahead. With ServiceNow Security Operations integrated other SIEM tools, such as Splunk, your enterprise security incident response teams can investigate, triage, remediate, and coordinate with key stakeholders to find and resolve security issues faster.

ServiceNow Security Operations

Security teams are spending time handling less important tasks, dealing with alerts from multiple security products, and coordinating activities between teams. Due to these issues, IT teams struggle to know what’s critical and where to start.

Security teams need better visibility into their entire security posture while reducing the time needed to investigate issues. ServiceNow Security Operations connects the people, processes, workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors. This provides your security teams with a single platform for complete, end-to-end visibility, allowing them to respond to incidents and vulnerabilities more consistently and efficiently.