PuzzleLogic Service Advisor

Incident Management for DevOps and Support Teams

investigation that combines log, monitoring and DevOps data to let you know what’s happening, what's broken, and what's changed.  IT support in one app-centric workspace.

Digital Transformation Modern Incident Management

  • Search any data in a unified workspace.
  • Process data from any source in seconds.
  • Alerts from existing DevOps and monitoring tools.
  • View your entire application stack from end-to-end.
  • Connect to upstream/downstream systems.
  • Create personalized rules on-the-fly.
  • Pinpoint root cause with ease - no calling other teams.

DevOps Support

Try It Today, It's Easy

  1. Connect core applications that are critical to the business. Create apps directly in Service Advisor or load them from a system of record like a CMDB.
  2. Quickly upload critical components.  It's intuitive & configurable to define specific data and DevOps attributes
  3. Import virtually any IT operations management data to Service Advisor. Use our open API or pre-built integrations to consume data from databases, app logs, system and network monitoring tools, performance, and ITSM systems.