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Accelerate Your SRM Catalog Deployment

Transport accelerates your SRM development and deployment of an IT Service Request Catalog across the enterprise. Using its expanding set of pre-built service request definition templates and simplified development method, an SRM developer can reduce their development time by an average of 45%. This reduction in development time and effort over the manual method fast tracks your SRM project.

To efficiently develop an enterprise IT Service Request Catalog, Transport for SRM ships with dozens of SRD templates that serve as pre-built building blocks for defining your business and technical service catalogs. These templates can be used to replicate similar service request definitions without performing the cumbersome process of re-creating each SRD component from scratch.

Furthermore, Transport administrators can create new SRD templates that are tailored to their own business processes. Once defined, these custom SRD templates can be used to quickly expand the services that are visible to end-users.  SRM developers can use Transports Quick Builder feature to clone complete offerings they've developed with Transport to quickly create a new SRM offering.

Transport for BMC Remedy SRM enables you to:

  • Accelerate SRM catalog onboarding by reducing the development effort by 45%
  • Quickly build complex Service Request offerings in the Transport SRM data templates
  • Ease of loading data updates for SRM offerings developed using Transport.
  • Dozens of SRD templates are provided that serve as pre-built building blocks for defining your business and technical service request catalog.
  • Ease of portability for all aspects of the SRM data (SRD to ITSM fulfillment templates) across all server environments

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