Self-Service Data Management

Deploy Self-Service Data Management

We've surveyed customers and found that Remedy ITSM People updates consume the majority of their administrator's time. This is especially true for changes to application permissions, support groups and functional roles. One staff member is requesting Change Management access while another needs to be added to new groups. These changes are time consuming because they involve a manual, click-intensive exercise to complete. Multiply these changes by several hundred support staff and you have a full time job for your Remedy administrator.

Effective Transport now includes the ability to deploy a self-service People Data Management solution that automates these types of people data changes and eliminates the need for manual intervention to complete them. With the latest release of Transport for Remedy ITSM you are able to provide an SRM service offering that allows users to request changes to permissions, functional roles and support group membership and have those changes fulfilled automatically. This feature provides an immediate return on your investment with ITSM administrators reducing their people data update tasks by 90%.

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Self-Service Data Management

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