People Data Management

Simplify ITSM People Data Management

Managing ITSM People data consumes considerable time for an application administrator. This is due to the click-intensive manual process for creating and modifying ITSM People data. Adding a large group of new people, updating application permissions and support groups are just a few of the activities that administrators have to manage on a regular basis. Effective Transport simplifies this process and saves considerable time with a data driven approach to managing the people data. Transport People Profiles enable an administrator without extensive understanding of the ITSM permission and role intricacies to create and modify people data with a simple CSV file. Bulk loading people data that includes changes to application permissions, support groups, functional roles and company access is greatly streamlined and simplified.

Transport also includes a pre-built LDAP integration that you can leverage to connect your people data feed to your ITSM People data. To learn more about Transport's LDAP capability check out this datasheet: Transport for People LDAP integration

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People Data Management