ITSM Foundation Management

Streamline ITSM Foundation Management

Effective Transport addresses all of your BMC/Remedy ITSM foundation data management challenges. From simplified data collection csv files Transport seamlessly populates the ITSM foundation data tables enabling quick data loads and updates. It is an

application that is designed to
support the dynamic and iterative nature of the process: defining and loading data into the ITSM tables, verifying its accuracy, correcting the data (in bulk, if necessary), and reloading. Once data validation is complete, the data can be easily populated into subsequent environments, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in the data management process across all of your Remedy environments. Additionally, once in production, Effective Transport has bulk administration capabilities to maintain the foundation data and continue with incremental deployments as your ITSM implementation evolves.

Effective Transport automates all of the common foundation data ITSM configuration tasks, including:

  • Company, Organization, and Location,
  • People, People Permissions and Support Groups
  • Operational and Product Categories
  • Assignment, Approvals, and Cost Centers
  • ITSM Templates

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ITSM Foundation Management