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Effective Transport for CMDB augments the Atrium toolset when the goal is to quickly and efficiently get a subset of your most important CIs into your CMDB. Transport is invaluable during the initial phase of a project when you may be resource constrained to install, configure and integrate Atrium to a set of discovery tools. Transport can also be used to import CI data that is not discoverable. In addition to CIs, Transport can be used to create relationship data, resulting in a service model of your key CIs, without having to get the entire Atrium solution fully functional.

Transport quickly and easily populates the BMC Atrium CMDB from simple CSV files. There is no longer any need to stand up discovery tools, integrate them, and create complex import and reconciliation jobs just to get your initial data model or the most useful subset of your CI data into the CMDB. Simply format your asset or configuration data into the Effective CMDB templates and you’re off and running.

Effective Transport for CMDB automates and streamlines the configuration item on-boarding process, with these capabilities:

  • Load the most commonly used CMDB classes from simple spreadsheets.
  • Create CI-to-CI relationships from pre-built or packaged templates.
  • Relate organization and people data to CIs quickly and easily.
  • Create service models in the CMDB in days – not weeks or months.

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Asset Management Services