Faster IT Security with CMDB

If you are like most companies, your IT Security and Configuration Management operations are managed by different groups and to different goals. That is a problem. Configuration Management may take requests and requirements from IT Security and vice versa, but when a security breach occurs, the relationship between the two becomes painfully clear.  How quickly…
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Webinar Replay: Simplified Application Services to Dramatically Reduce Incident Resolution

During this 3-part webinar series, we've introduced a roadmap for IT organizations to turn data into actionable insights and demonstrated how to reduce troubleshooting time by at least 50%.   In this session, we focus on defining applications and their underlying infrastructure components using a simplified format that can be completed in 1 day.  Please join…
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Configuration Management – How Mature Are You?

How mature is your configuration management strategy? Do you know what applications you have and how it is connected? Does your configuration support IT management, operations and security easily? Or is your Configuration Management team overwhelmed and getting too much information too fast? Configuration Management is like any process: an organization needs to “crawl,” then…
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