About us

in a nutshell

Effect-Tech is a Bay Area-based IT consulting services company with a focus on helping our customers integrate new technologies and applications in their existing enterprise environment. We develop and deploy proven Governance, Risk &  Compliance, IT Operations Management, and Security Operations solutions for Global 1000 companies and deliver on time, on budget, every time.


What Makes Us Different

Smokejumpers, oil roughnecks and sky walkers - these are just a few extreme individuals that perform extreme jobs, under extreme conditions. Complex, challenging, and even previously failed projects are our specialty. Effect-Tech finds a way to deliver success with a committed, skilled, and knowledgeable team that can partner with your organization to assess, plan, and execute. Our team bench strength and depth enable your team to take your project across the finish line.

our advantages

  • 1.Agility By working with Effect-Tech, you will get highly skilled and multi-talented consultants that can quickly provide demonstrable value. Our highly agile teams can work in various technical and project activities to give you the flexibility needed to meet your schedule.
  • 2.Focus We are focused on providing value each and every day to our customers. Effect-Tech complements your core team and your other service providers to drive schedule, architect and design, and deliver the right solutions that meet or exceed expectations.
  • 3.Commitment We are driven to help our customers succeed. Since our inception, we have helped our customers transform their ability to deliver quality services more rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

our customers